Gazprom Neft considers innovation to be a valuable tool in improving the Company’s efficiency and technological capacity, which is essential if it is to achieve its strategic goals in both the upstream and downstream sectors.

RUB 3.23 billion
↑80.77 %
Gazprom Neft Group’s R&D expenditure in 2014

In 2013, the Gazprom Neft Board of Directors approved the Company’s 2020 Innovative Development Programme, including information on the primary areas for innovative development, plans for cooperation with third parties, and key performance indicators corresponding to the indicators in the Innovative Development Programme of the Company’s major shareholder, Gazprom.

The primary aims of the programme are: effective field exploration and development in difficult geological and climatic conditions; economically profitable and energy-efficient production from depleted fields, and enhancing refining and petrochemistry.

R&D expenditure, RUB billion.