Petrochemical Industry

Gazprom Neft is Russia's largest producer of a range of basic petrochemical products: aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, paraxylene, orthoxylene, toluene) and the propane-propylene fraction (propylene liquefied petroleum gas). The Company's share of Russia’s total consumption of aromatic hydrocarbons in 2014 was 17%, while its share of exports was 32%.

The target niches of the Company's petrochemical business are basic products and derivatives. In order to generate additional revenue from refining products from its own raw materials (oil and gas refining), Gazprom Neft plans to increase the degree of refining of basic petrochemical products by upgrading its existing refinery capacities and implementing major investment projects to build large-scale production facilities.

Sales of aromatic hydrocarbons produced by the Company in 2014 reached 391,000 tonnes, of which 302,000 tonnes were sold on the domestic market.