Internal Communication

Internal communication channels ensure the development of Gazprom Neft’s corporate culture and the creation of an open communications space, providing employees at all levels with opportunities to show initiative and engage in dialogue.

The strategy for developing the internal corporate communications system adopted by the Company in 2010 aims to develop and localize communications tools, provide qualitative and substantive content for corporate media, and foster internal communications channels while taking into account the Company's strategic priorities and the information needs of its audience, ultimately impacting employee behaviour.

The Company's internal communications tools include a corporate media system (Gazprom Neft company intranet portals, Siberian Oil corporate magazine, the Neftegazeta periodical and versions issued by subsidiaries, and corporate radio stations at Gazprom Neft-Aero and Omsk Refinery), meetings between managers and teams, TV panel systems, and discussion platforms (forums, conferences, and round tables). The Corporate Forum is a flagship event within the internal communications system. It is attended by representatives from across all of Gazprom Neft’s companies and employee groups.

As a result of the introduction of a functional management model in 2014, there is a need for horizontal communications between employees in different enterprises performing similar roles. For this purpose, electronic communications platforms have been established within the existing corporate intranet portal, together with ways for users to post and moderate content.

Particular attention is paid to engaging employees in creating content to be posted on corporate media channels. To this end, the Company makes active use of interactive tools, such as discussions, competitions, and encouraging employees to write articles.

Every employee has the opportunity to convey their views to managers or to suggest ideas on how to increase productivity. For this, the Company uses tools such as a hotline and ‘Ask your Manager’ and ‘I have an idea’ sections on the intranet portal. There are also information kiosks for collecting feedback from employees who do not have access to a computer.

One of the main feedback tools is the annual corporate social and psychological study, covering all of the Company's assets. More than 10,000 Gazprom Neft employees took part in the study in 2014. By answering questions and participating in interviews and focus groups, employees are invited to express their views on a whole range of issues that affect core areas of their work, from workplace management and evaluations of the incentives system to opportunities for development and the effectiveness of social programmes. Separate indexes are compiled to show employee engagement. The data obtained from the study are used as the basis for staff management and communications planning, as well as to support management decisions.