Corporate Culture

Gazprom Neft considers its corporate culture to be an essential factor in achieving the Company's strategic objectives. In line with its Development Strategy, the Company is developing a corporate culture that seeks to help employees achieve excellence, based on Gazprom Neft’s mission and values.

The main elements in the development of this corporate culture include the management by objectives (MBO) system, the creation of internal economic competition, Management by walking around (MBWA) involves managers regularly communicating with employees at their by walking around,, top-down communication of values (from senior managers to subordinates) and the personal involvement of the Management Board in disseminating values, bottom-up promotion of initiatives, and the establishment of a feedback system.

An important factor in the creation of a results-based culture is the Matrix Programme. The programme, which is being implemented in Gazprom Neft’s Upstream Division, aims to increase efficiency in order to achieve the Company's strategic goals by clearly setting out the powers and responsibilities of functional managers and company directors.

Proper communication at all levels of management is critical to the successful implementation of these changes. Target principles of behaviour and obligations to ensure compliance are enshrined in a declaration that was developed by the Top 100 Upstream managers. The principles include: synergy from working as a team, trust and transparency, discipline in complying with obligations, communications, and feedback.

In 2014, the Company began to introduce an organizational coaching system. The pilot project was launched at the Company's Corporate Headquarters. The project aims to provide coaching training (non-directive management and mentoring of employees) to managers at three levels: mentoring new employees, developing their own team, and coaching employees with high potential to fill the talent pool. Like the transformation of corporate culture, the coaching system is intended to enhance management efficiency and employee performance in accordance with the Company's strategic goals.

The Company places great emphasis on transmitting corporate values and accepted models of business conduct to new specialists. Employees who began working at the Company in 2014 are part of the Welcome programme, designed to engage specialists and help them to adapt effectively to working in the Company. The mentor, whose mission is to help employees understand the structure of the Company and to establish appropriate communications within the team, plays a critical role in this programme. The project will be launched at all Company subsidiaries over the next few years. In addition, a virtual tour of the Company (an interactive game that allows participants to learn about Gazprom Neft’s business processes) and the Stremitsya k bolshemu [Aiming for More] video game, which helps players understand the Company's business and corporate values, have been created for new employees.

На фото: Сергей Доктор
Sergey Doktor CEO, Gazprom Neft-Khantos

Among other things, the Matrix Programme allows employees to act as a united team and negotiate with each other. We have much to change in our behavior, approaches, attitudes to each other, and communications with the Company. We must be clear that if even just one of us is not able to adapt to the new system, this will slow down the whole process.

На фото: Игорь Миронов
Igor Mironov Deputy CEO for Production and Technologies, Gazpromneft — Bitumen Materials

The benefits of helping new employees to adapt are obvious: specialists become team members and achieve the required level of efficiency faster. Employees make fewer mistakes in their work and managers learn new competencies from the mentoring process, in addition to the other benefits.