Gazprom Neft is committed to maintaining a high level of transparency. The Company publishes IFRS-compliant financial statements, management reports, and sustainable development reports. Since 2008, the drafting process has been synchronized, and these reports are published simultaneously.

These documents can also be found on the Company's official website ( and in the special investors section of the site ( The website also contains the latest company news, financial and operational indicators, reports and the documents regulating Gazprom Neft’s management and control bodies, such as: the Articles of Association, Regulation on the General Shareholders Meeting, Regulation on the Board of Directors, Regulation on the Management Board, Regulation on the CEO, and Regulation on the Audit Commission. Adhering to the principle of equal access to information for all stakeholders, Gazprom Neft publishes information on its official website in both Russian and English.

The Company actively engages shareholders and develops relations with the investment community while ensuring a high level of transparency. The mechanisms that enable Gazprom Neft shareholders to influence the actions of the Company's management bodies are documented in the Company’s Corporate Code of Conduct. Information about compliance with the Corporate Code of Conduct can be found in the Company's Annual Report 2014.

Results of self-evaluation of quality of corporate governance
Component Evaluation
Number of questions Component weight in overall evaluation, % Actual score Maximum score Level of compliance, %
I. Shareholder rights 22 14 65 79 82
II. Board of Directors 56 37 115,5 202 57
III. Executive management 5 7 25 38 66
IV. Transparency and disclosure 15 25 109 135 81
V. Risk management, internal control and internal audit 16 11 52 63 83
VI. Corporate social responsibility, business ethics 6 6 23 31 74
Total 120 100 389,5 548 71