Stakeholder Engagement

Gazprom Neft maintains a continuous dialogue with all stakeholders, and considers this to be one of the main tools for implementing its sustainable development strategy. The Company pays particular attention to stakeholder interests which correspond not only with its own objectives and obligations, but also with the interests of society as a whole. Gazprom Neft aims to develop a balanced approach to stakeholder engagement that seeks to harmonize the interests of all stakeholders and achieve sustainable development goals. In conducting this dialogue, the Company strives to ensure maximum transparency of the information that it provides.

Gazprom Neft identifies a number of critical stakeholder groups, whose interests are most noticeably linked with its activities and who are able to exert the most significant impact on the Company's ability to implement its strategic goals:

  • shareholders and investors
  • government authorities
  • staff
  • business partners, suppliers, and customers
  • local communities

The main stakeholder engagement priorities are reflected in the following corporate documents: the Corporate Code of Conduct, the Corporate Code, and documents regulating individual business areas.

The scope of issues addressed in the dialogue depends on the Company’s continual analysis of the internal and external social environment, and reflects the Company's strategic roadmap and the priorities of stakeholders.

The Company takes steps to involve stakeholders in project implementation. This makes it possible to adjust the development of projects in accordance with stakeholder expectations and to identify and eliminate existing risks in good time.

Key areas and directions of stakeholder engagement
Stakeholders Areas of engagement Directions of engagement
Shareholders and investors Increasing the value and investment attractiveness of the Company
  • Improving the quality of corporate governance
  • Strengthening the Company's brand and reputation
Staff Labour productivity, product quality, occupational health and safety, environmental protection, respect for human rights, development and implementation of social programmes targeted at staff and local communities
  • Working to increase occupational safety
  • Creating the necessary conditions for the professional growth and social wellbeing of employees
  • Improving material and non-material incentive schemes
  • Providing social support for employees and veterans
  • Staffing of major projects and related opportunities for professional growth
  • Developing a dialogue with trade unions
  • Establishing an effective corporate culture
Russian government authorities Meeting the challenges of sustainable development in the industry and the regions where the Company operates
  • Helping to draft legislation
  • Making responsible and efficient use of human and natural resources
  • Promoting the socio-economic development of the regions
  • Introducing innovations
Regional and municipal authorities The Company's regional policy, meeting the challenges of regional socio-economic development
  • Supporting regional development projects as part of the Home Towns social investment programme
Business partners, suppliers, and customers Compliance with contractual obligations, ensuring uninterrupted deliveries, better product quality, improved occupational and environmental safety
  • Implementing programmes aimed at improving the quality of products and services
  • Developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships
  • Including contractors in the corporate industrial and environmental safety standards
  • Implementing anti-corruption procedures
Local communities in regions where the Company operates The Company’s regional policy, programmes to support local communities
  • Improving the efficiency of the Company's social programmes
  • Implementing the Home Towns social investment programme
  • Implementing environmental protection measures
  • Conducting public hearings and consultations, volunteering and charitable activities
Public organizations The Company’s regional policy, environmental protection
  • Engaging through the Home Towns social investment programme, including by holding social initiative grants competitions
  • Working together to meet the challenges of environmental protection