PRINCIPLES OF COOPERATION: observance of business ethics; reliable and stable supply; continuous improvement of service.

The Company has a system in place for responding to customer dissatisfaction with the quality of products or services. Gazprom Neft’s mechanism for resolving these complaints is based on the corporate document: Guidelines for Handling Nonconformities when Selling Oil Products, LPG, and Associated Goods & Services at Filling Stations. Gazprom Neft regularly reviews customer requirements and satisfaction levels.

The Company implements programmes aimed at increasing the quality and environmental safety of products in accordance with international standards, and it communicates responsible marketing information to customers.

Conferences are important mechanisms used by the Company to communicate with customers and distributors. In 2014, Gazprom Neft-Lubricants organized its fourth international conference for distributors. The aim of this annual event is to review results, set goals for the future, and acquaint participants with the Company's marketing activities. The 2014 conference brought together more than 200 representatives of independent Russian and international companies that sell oil and lubricants under the following Company brands: G-Energy, G-Profi, and Gazprom Neft. In addition, during the reporting year the Company organized its fifth conference for distributors located in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Gazprom Neft regularly organizes off-site conferences and familiarization trips for customers, where potential and existing clients can see the production process, study the products in detail, and discuss topical issues.

In 2014, the Company held an off-site conference for Gazprom Neft’s Bitumens Department in Rome. Representatives from Gazprom Neft-Lubricants, the Russian Federal Road Agency and the directors of the country’s major road-building organizations, including the Alliance of Road Builders and Suppliers and the Road Construction Centre. The event was held to mark the launch of G-Way Styrelf premium bitumen, made using Total technology at the Moscow Refinery. During the meeting, customers were informed of the properties of the Company's bitumen materials and lubricants, and visited Total's polymer-bitumen binder production site and the lubricants plant.

Also in 2014, a delegation from the Middle East and Africa paid a fact-finding visit to the Company's main production site in Russia: the Omsk Lubricants Plant. Members of the delegation included representatives from the exclusive distributor Saskim Petrol, as well as strategic clients from Iraq and Egypt. The visit led to an agreement to introduce new products to meet the growing demand in the Middle Eastern and African markets.

На фото: Александр Трухан
Alexander Trukhan CEO, Gazprom Neft-Lubricants

The conference provided us with an opportunity to get feedback from professionals. This is necessary to ensure that special products and service programmes are more accurately designed.