Public Authorities

PRINCIPLES OF COOPERATION: compliance with the law; responsible payment of taxes and use of human and natural resources; partnership to promote industrial and regional competitiveness.

Gazprom Neft works with government authorities at the federal and regional levels.

The Company's cooperation with regional authorities is built around regional development issues and aims to:

  • create a favourable financial, economic, and legal environment for Gazprom Neft’s activities in the regions
  • improve quality of life and create a comfortable social environment for the local community, including Company employees and their families
  • create a system of environmental safety measures and take action to reduce the industrial impact on the environment and people
  • develop stakeholder engagement in the regions
  • ensure disclosure of information about the Company’s operations to all stakeholders

Social and economic cooperation agreements are an important mechanism for interaction with regional and local authorities. In 2014, Gazprom Neft entered into new social and economic partnership agreements with the governments of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and Omsk, Orenburg, and Tyumen regions.

The Company regularly informs the regional authorities of its development plans via notifications and dialogue with stakeholders. In 2014, representatives of the Orenburg and Muravlenko city governments took part in round tables organized by the Company to discuss HR policy and Gazprom Neft’s social initiatives in these regions with stakeholders.

Gazprom Neft is actively involved in the development and improvement of regional laws in order to increase the investment appeal of regions and improve the social and economic environment. Company experts are involved in the work of the Legislative Assembly of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the Tyumen Regional Duma, and other bodies.

The Company's cooperation with federal and regional authorities is aimed at improving the regulatory framework and creating a favourable investment climate in Russia. Company experts regularly monitor current legislative activities and analyse bills. Together with regional parliaments, the Company takes part in appraisals of federal legislation relating to the sector.

The Company strictly complies with all laws regarding political activity. It does not participate in political movements or organizations, and it does not interfere with the political activities of its employees.