Social benefits

Social benefits paid to employees include compensation and benefits set by law and paid by the Company as part of its Unified Social Benefits System.

In 2014, the Company introduced a system of unified social benefits for all subsidiaries and affiliates. The system is designed to bring together the approaches used to pay benefits, and to increase the most popular benefits by reducing less significant ones. The list includes obligatory basic benefits and additional optional benefits.

Basic benefits at Gazprom Neft enterprises include:

  • voluntary medical insurance (including doctor’s visits and, if necessary, treatment in leading Russian clinics) and accident insurance
  • a payment in excess of the maximum disability benefit set out in Russian legislation
  • monthly financial assistance to employees who take time off to care for a child
  • leave for family reasons and other benefits

Social benefits paid in 2014 averaged RUB 36,500 per employee.

Additional benefits:
  • paid health resorts for employees, health club subscriptions, corporate discounts on sports club memberships
  • different forms of material assistance for family reasons
  • housing programmes
  • private pension payments and other benefits
Social package expenses and benefits, RUB thousands
2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Free and subsidized meals 573,546 509,864 493,052 522,774 526,988
Voluntary medical insurance 535,239 438,862 529,623 650,709 719,561
Subsidized travel vouchers 128,924 101,722 109,761 115,705 166,522
Retired staff support programmes 91,018 113,610 143,907 119,900 137,885
Housing programme 103,179 118,413 124,132 121,329 181,038
Sports and cultural events 248,498 314,003 290,222 317,599 125,537
Total 1,680,404 1,596,474 1,690,697 1,848,016 1,857,531