Development of Management and Leadership Competencies

The Company has operated a Corporate Management Academy since 2013. The Academy’s mission is to develop the managerial and leadership skills of managers.

In 2014, the Academy developed and launched a new module: the Gazprom Neft Bachelor of Management. This programme aims to develop the managerial and leadership skills of high-potential employees. The pilot project has proved successful. The programme will therefore be included in the Academy’s educational process and students will be enrolled on it. At the moment, the module-based Management Academy has five training levels: from line managers to senior managers.

In 2014, the Company's Corporate Headquarters introduced an organizational coaching system, which supports the introduction of a functional model of management by developing managers' mentoring andNon-directive management is a form of non-authoritarian, supportive leadership aimed at encouraging staff to independently seek out and make decisions. non-directive management skills. Over the course of the year, 196 managers participated in the project. Coaching units were also introduced into the Management Academy modules. In 2015, the Company plans to start teaching mentoring skills to management teams in subsidiaries and affiliates.

The beginning of 2014 saw the launch of the Accelerated Development Motivational Programme for high-potential employees. This is intended to support and develop the motivation of employees selected for the operational talent pool. Project-related skills are developed at the Project Management School, designed for all key Upstream Division staff. Lecturers from European business schools act as moderators for the school.

196 managers
participated in the organizational coaching project in 2014