Knowledge Management and Distance Learning

Given the Company's rapid growth, distance learning and knowledge sharing technologies are becoming more and more significant. Distance learning makes it possible to optimize expenditure on employee development and to increase the accessibility of knowledge and the scope of staff training programmes. For this reason, Gazprom Neft actively developed this area in 2014, conducting an analysis of needs and best practices in the field of distance learning and knowledge management systems. Based on the results of this analysis, the Company decided to create a Knowledge Portal using WebTutor. The portal will become one of the essential tools in Gazprom Neft's Innovation and Knowledge Management System (IKMS), which will be established in 2015.

The purpose of creating this system is to improve cooperation and knowledge sharing between all Company employees, units, and subsidiaries and affiliates. The system makes it possible to bring together and share Gazprom Neft's considerable intellectual capital using the WebTutor platform, and increase the general level of use of the Company's internal intellectual resources. The focus of the IKMS will be management of the Company’s main knowledge resources, inclusion in key business processes, the creation of expert communities, and social learning (learning from each other).

Professional distance learning has been most heavily developed in the Upstream Division. In 2014, the Company designed two e-learning courses and began work on another three for production staff self-study as part of the implementation of new production standards. The use of this form of learning makes it possible to introduce new standards, increase productivity, and optimize production processes in the shortest time possible. More than 600 Upstream Division specialists in all production regions have already completed the first two professional courses: Standard Procedure for the Protection of Downhole Equipment From Corrosion and Standard Procedure for the Preparation of Service Fluids and for Well Plugging. These innovative professional training tools are being created in collaboration with the Company's leading experts in the subject and training specialists.

During the reporting year, the Company began designing interactive e-learning courses for knowledge transfer and the development of Company functions. The Recruitment and Education and Development functions were the first to transfer their core knowledge into an e-learning format. Similar courses for other functions are currently in development. By the end of 2014, the Education and Development Portal had more than 40 interactive e-learning courses available to Gazprom Neft employees.

На фото: Елена Сурмейко
Elena Surmeyko Head of Recruitment Section, HR Department, Gazprom Neft

The Recruitment Guide e-course helps us to speed up the process of creating a uniform recruitment standard at the Company. The course helps specialists at subsidiaries to acquire additional knowledge of the methods and sources used to locate and recruit staff, as well as how to conduct interviews with candidates.