Regional Policy

Gazprom Neft companies are located in 29 regions of Russia as well as in the CIS and other countries. As a major employer and taxpayer, the Company contributes significantly to social development in the regions where it operates. The Company's social activities aim to improve the quality of life in these regions, and contribute to the accumulation of human capital and the formation of well-developed social infrastructure.

Tools of social policy in the regions

RUB 4,543.9 million
invested in regional development in 2014

Gazprom Neft and the regions: strategic social partnership

In 2014, the Home Towns programme:

Implemented more than
350 projects

Completed projects in
23 Russian regions

Tools of social policy in the regions

RUB 16.5 million
total amount of grants awarded in 2014

Since 2013, the Company has used a new tool to support regional development: a social initiative grant competition. In 2014, competitions were held in Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous districts, and in Orenburg, Tomsk, and Omsk regions. As a result, 71 applications were chosen to receive grants of between RUB 50,000 and RUB 300,000.