Gazprom Neft's approaches to organizing charitable activities are determined by the Charitable Activities Policy and the Procedure Governing the Provision of Charitable Aid company standard. The Company has adopted a Charitable Activities Concept aimed at enhancing the efficiency of charitable programmes in the regions where it operates. The Concept divides charitable activities into four groups: targeted corporate charity, a mutual assistance fund, corporate volunteering, and social initiatives grant competitions. All charity projects are implemented in accordance with the key elements of the Home Towns programme.

As part of its targeted corporate charitable activities, the Company provides assistance to non-profit public organizations; charity funds; research, cultural, educational, sports, and healthcare institutions; orphanages, and individuals. Charity funds are allocated from the Company’s budget based on the decisions of the Charity Commission.

The Gazprom Neft Nearest And Dearest mutual assistance fund is intended to provide material and organizational assistance to employees and their families in difficult situations. The Fund’s activities are based on the principle of co-financing by employees and the Company.

RUB 1,158 million
transferred to charitable and volunteer projects in 2014