By implementing a large-scale Personal Contribution programme, Gazprom Neft has been able to transition from spontaneous volunteering initiatives to the systematic development of corporate volunteering.

На фото: Александр Дыбаль
Alexander Dybal Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO, Corporate Communications

Gazprom Neft's volunteer movement is an important part of our Home Towns programme, and it reflects the vital philosophy of our company. The projects attract people who really do want to help. Some of them help children, while others support environmental projects or give blood or donate money to help people in distress. It is very important to remember that all this is done outside work, at the employees’ own initiative, and with no compensation of any sort from the Company. These people deserve special recognition from the Company.

Gazprom Neft's volunteering movement is being rolled out in 38 Russian cities, involving more than 7,500 people. In 2014, Company volunteers took part in 188 events, including blood donation, support for orphanages and boarding schools, clean-up initiatives, tree planting, and other environmental measures aimed at making life in the cities more comfortable and enjoyable. The Company has a tradition of organizing sports, educational, and entertainment activities for children in homes and providing them with targeted assistance, for instance, helping them get ready for the new school year, preparing New Year gifts for them, and organizing celebrations on Children's Day. As part of the Nearest and Dearest mutual assistance fund, employees managed to raise about RUB 18 million during the reporting year.

Company employees have been implementing the Learning is Interesting project for children in orphanages and boarding schools since 2013. The project includes a series of educational measures designed to offer children careers advice and help them to achieve their potential.

To implement its volunteer programmes, the Company cooperates with NPOs and charitable foundations. A regular Gazprom Neft partner is the April Charitable Foundation, which has helped the Company to conduct the Spring Sports campaign every year since 2012 in Leningrad Region, organizing sporting tournaments for orphanages and boarding schools. In 2014, more than 160 participants, including children with disabilities, participated in these competitions. Zenit footballer Oleg Shatov personally presented cups to the winners of Spring Sports 2014. Around 60 Gazprom Neft employees and family members took part. In December 2014, the Company held its first volunteer forum. The most active Company volunteers attended the event, which was dedicated to sharing experience and reviewing the year’s events. The participants were addressed by Chairman of the Management Board Alexander Dyukov. During the forum, participants learned about the best projects conducted by their colleagues in the regions. Guest experts talked about general volunteering trends in the world and in Russia, different companies’ approaches to volunteering, and ongoing initiatives. During the event, the most active Company volunteers received awards.

На фото: Светлана Редина
Svetlana Redina Leading Specialist at Gazpromneft Research Centre

The school sports tournaments are particular important to me, since that was where I discovered volunteering a year ago. These games are really fun for the children. They give them the chance to do something different, interact with their peers, express themselves, and show what they are capable of. It is just as important for them to understand that there are many caring people around who want to give them their attention, smiles, warmth, and companionship.

Let's Remake It

In 2014, a new event was added to Gazprom Neft's volunteer programme: Let's Remake It. The event was held on 1 June, International Children's Day. Company volunteers organized a festival during which children from five orphanages and boarding schools in Leningrad Region, together with the volunteers, performed mini-plays based on famous movies.

Artem Lyarsky 18 years old

I was excited to see the Zenit players for myself. Kerzhakov, Hulk, and Lodygin are my idols. I try not to miss a single game when they’re on the field. Meeting their head coach was a surprise. I didn’t expect him to be so friendly. He must love children. I was happy!

Antonina Molchanova Teacher at Efimovskaya Boarding School for Children with Disabilities

The kids were so happy to see the famous players, watch them train, and get their autographs. It is such a rare opportunity. Everyone was delighted.