Goals for 2015

In 2015, and in the medium term, the Company will continue to systematically implement the Home Towns social investments programme in order to achieve maximum social benefit. The programme makes it possible to develop groups of projects in key areas that can be implemented in regions where the Company operates.

As part of this work, the Company will continue to develop its regional social investment strategy, taking account of the specific social and economic situations and needs of particular areas.

The Company also plans to:

  • roll out successful practices across other regions where the Company operates, in particular the Home Town festival, the Urban Space street art project, and an oil and gas themed tournament for schoolchildren
  • continue to involve local communities in the implementation of joint projects aimed at improving the quality of life in the regions where the Company operates
  • develop an Internet portal for the Home Towns social investment programme with the aim of turning it into an effective channel for communications with local communities
  • hold a social initiatives grant competition in five regions where the Company operates (Omsk, Tomsk, and Orenburg regions, and Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous districts); the grant fund will total more than RUB 20 million
  • implement a pilot grant competition for local governments in Orenburg Region
  • conduct sociological research into corporate volunteering at the Company and develop Gazprom Neft’s corporate volunteering concept