Gazprom Neft Badra B.V., together with project partners Kogas (South Korea), Petronas (Malaysia), TPAO (Turkey), and Iraq’s Oil Exploration Company are implementing a social development programme for the region in which the field is located.

The programme’s focus areas include stabilizing the power supply, providing medical facilities, and developing the education system. Every year, members of the consortium invest USD 5 million in the programme. In addition, Gazprom Neft Badra B.V. is implementing a programme to develop the skills of Iraqi workers for work in the Badra field.

As part of the social programme, the emergency medical care unit at Badra’s city hospital was renovated and modern medical equipment installed. Schools in the city also received donations of computer equipment. In 2013, the Company organized the reconstruction and upgrading of existing power lines, increasing the length of the daily electricity supply to households in Badra by 40%. The University of Wasit (Al-Kut City) was given two modern buses to transport students from the surrounding towns and villages to the university.

During the reporting year, the programme funded the construction of three furnished school buildings in the cities of Badra and Jassan. The Company's future plans include continuing to upgrade electricity networks in Badra, Jassan, and Zurbatia.