Stakeholder Engagement

The Company develops a dialogue with all stakeholders when implementing social policy in the regions.

Dialogue formats include:

  • working meetings and consultations
  • participation of Company representatives in working groups in key operating regions
  • public hearings and residents’ meetings when planning social investment programmes
  • consultations with NPO representatives when determining areas for social investment
  • online polls and open competitions among the population when implementing social investment projects
  • collection of feedback through the social investment programme website:

The Company regularly discusses issues related to the management of social projects at extended meetings of the Corporate Communications Division. These meetings are attended by Corporate Headquarters staff and representatives from subsidiaries and affiliates responsible for project implementation. Leading social project planning experts and NPO sector heads are invited to the meetings. Through these meetings, a database of best practice in managing social projects is created, enabling the project to be subsequently rolled out across other regions of operations.

In 2014, Gazprom Neft made considerable use of round tables to promote dialogue with stakeholders. The purpose of such round tables was to inform the various stakeholder groups about the Company's development, plans, and social policy objectives. Round tables are an effective way for Gazprom Neft to obtain feedback from stakeholders, whose comments and suggestions are taken into account by the Company when planning production, environmental, and social activities in the regions.

The first round tables of 2014 were held in the cities of Orenburg and Muravlenko (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District). These events focused on issues concerning the Company's social investments, and they provided an expert evaluation of the effectiveness of the Home Towns social investment programme in these regions.

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In 2014, the Company launched a Home Towns web portal (, containing information about the programme, its main objectives, and projects which have been implemented. The portal won a 2014 Runet Award in the State and Society category, and it received a special prize at the 14th Golden Site All-Russian Internet Contest in the Topical and Socially Significant Project at the Federal Level category.

Elena Feoktistova
Elena Feoktistova Director of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility and Non-Financial Reporting

The organization of round tables in the regions is a significant step for the Company, since they allow two issues important to the Company, as one of Russia’s leading businesses, to be addressed even more successfully. The first issue is increasing the openness and transparency of business. The second is developing a constructive dialogue in order to achieve better understanding and increased confidence, which form the only effective basis for cooperating with partners.