Round Table in Muravlenko

A round table on Gazprom Neft's Activities and the Sustainable Development of the City of Muravlenko was held on 24 October 2014 in Muravlenko (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District).

The event was attended by staff from Gazprom Neft Corporate Headquarters and Gazpromneft-Muravlenko, members of the Muravlenko local government, winners of the Company's 2014 grant competition, experts in the field of CSR and charitable activities, representatives of public and non-profit organizations, and the media.

During the round table, the Company presented its economic and industrial results and areas of focus, its Development Strategy, and plans for the development of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. Company representatives particularly emphasized the progress of the Home Towns social investment programme, the holding and results of its grant competitions, and Gazpromneft-Muravlenko’s human resources strategy, which takes into account the fact that the city’s economy is dominated by a single employer. Opinions were exchanged on the most promising forms of cooperation to resolve regional development issues and create a comfortable social environment in Russia’s Far North.

During the discussion, participants proposed that the Company:

  • help municipal and government officials to develop a business culture and partnership skills
  • extend the scope of the grant competition
  • consider establishing a course for future oil workers in the city, with places assigned on a competitive basis
  • provide opportunities for college students to present their best work at the Company’s scientific conferences, and give Company representatives the opportunity to participate in college events.
Elena Moldovan
Elena Moldovan Deputy Director of Social Policy for the Muravlenko Administration

The grant competition is a very important step in the implementation of the Gazprom Neft’s social policy. It has changed the pattern of cooperation between business and the heads of public organizations. And, of course, this approach helps to increase the effectiveness of projects led by non-profit organizations. A manager who submits an application learns to think strategically, in the context of the overall development objectives of the region.

Gazprom Neft representatives considered all the proposals received and have taken the following into account in the Company’s plans:
  • funding for materials and equipment at the Company’s partner college
  • adding a Global Heritage academic competition for school pupils to Muravlenko’s social investment programme
  • including New Horizons assignments in the grant competition programme, as requested by the city’s Department of Education and educational establishments
  • examining ways in which the Company's partners, including representatives of government authorities and public organizations, can develop a business culture and manage social projects