Round Table in Orenburg

On 31 October 2014, a round table on Gazprom Neft's Activities and the Sustainable Development of its Operating Regions was held in Orenburg. The event was attended by employees from the Company's Corporate Headquarters, the Gazprom Neft Orenburg subsidiary, representatives of Orenburg Region’s executive and legislative authorities, experts in the field of corporate social responsibility and charity, and representatives from public and non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and the media.

A key topic of the meeting concerned Gazprom Neft Orenburg’s strategies and future plans, as well as the impact of its activities on regional development in terms of the economy, the environment, and social processes. Participants were briefed on the progress of the Home Towns programme.

During the discussion, participants proposed that the Company:

  • inform potential local contractors of its procurement plans for the next two or three years, and disclose its requirements for contractors
  • exchange information with the Government of Orenburg Region about planned decisions and the import substitution programme, and facilitate the coordination of these plans
  • provide not only financial, but also organizational and methodological support for social projects in local communities
  • start engaging business partners in the discussion and joint implementation of social projects
  • extend opportunities for cooperation under the Home Towns programme
  • organize opportunities for grant recipients to share experience and apply successfully implemented projects to other regions, including via master classes, seminars, field trips, etc.

Gazprom Neft representatives considered all the proposals received. Issues related to organizing meetings with local suppliers and establishing channels for exchanging information about import substitution with the Government of Orenburg Region have been taken into account in the Company’s plans.

Natalya Bezborodova
Natalya Bezborodova Acting Orenburg Region Minister for Economic Development, Industrial Policy, and Trade

Gazprom Neft Orenburg plays a significant role in the economic development of the region, which is particularly important in the current socio-economic situation. Currently, the company can be considered as an example of how to implement targeted industrial and social policy. The company works systematically to tackle environmental issues, and it clearly fulfils all the obligations of its social and economic agreements by implementing a comprehensive, targeted social programme. The company has been our reliable social partner for several years now.

Natalya Kaminarskaya
Natalya Kaminarskaya Executive Secretary of the Donors Forum, Head of the Home Towns Nationwide Consultation Centre

The company is implementing a thought-out strategic programme through the use of different tools: a grant competition, corporate volunteering, and expanding cooperation with the authorities at all levels, including local government. It is significant that the Company is improving this process and the tools that it uses, including through the organization of round tables. We hope that the recommendations put forward by participants will help the company to make the programme even more effective.