Emergency Preparedness

For the purposes of civil defence, the Company implements programmes to improve the resilience of its production facilities in the event of emergencies, and trains staff to be able to handle such situations, including in difficult climatic conditions.

Exercises and training on the localization and elimination of accidental oil spills are conducted regularly at the Company's hazardous production facilities. During the reporting year, this training was held at Gazpromneft-Muravlenko, Gazprom Neft Shipping, Gazprom Neft Terminal SPb, Gazprom Neft Aero Murmansk, and at the Levashovo branch of Gazprom Neft Aero. Special equipment for cleaning up spills on land and at sea was used during these exercises. The emergency commissions participating in the event included representatives from Russia’s EMERCOM Agency, the supervisory agencies Rostransnadzor and Rosprirodnadzor, and the local authorities from the areas in which the Company’s subsidiaries, affiliates, and branches operate.