Priorities in the Area of Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

Gazprom Neft's strategic priorities for sustainable growth:
  • to improve the operational efficiency of core business
  • to develop human resources in order to meet the challenges of growth in the industry
  • to strengthen occupational health and safety
  • to support local communities in the regions where the Company operates
  • to minimize environmental impact
  • increase energy efficiency and optimize use of energy resources
  • to achieve a consistent reduction in numbers of industrial injuries, occupational diseases, accidents, and negative environmental impacts
  • to ensure safe production

Gazprom Neft consistently integrates the principles of sustainable growth and  The Company shares the definition of sustainable development which has been adopted by the international business community and is set out in ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility (Russian version — GOST R ISO 2600:2012) as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own responsibility into its business model. The Company believes that adhering to these principles is one of the key factors for long-term sustainability and competitiveness.

Gazprom Neft focuses the development and implementation of its business strategy on the systemic and balanced management of the production, environmental, and social aspects of its operations. The Company aims to secure the dynamic growth and enhanced efficiency of its core business while consistently improving the efficiency of social investment in the Company’s staff and in local communities and reducing the specific burden on ecosystems.

Gazprom Neft takes an integrated approach to the management of its impact on socio-economic and natural environments, applying modern environmental and social management systems that comply with international standards.

The Company regularly analyses the impact of its activities on the environment and society, and carefully evaluates the potential social and environmental impacts of new projects. Gazprom Neft maintains an active dialogue with all stakeholders and endeavours to take their expectations into account when making management decisions.

The Company's sustainable development and social responsibility priorities are defined by its mission and strategic goals. These priorities represent a system of interrelated areas within Gazprom Neft's unified strategy.

Gazprom Neft's strategic priorities for sustainable growth:

Gazprom Neft's strategic priorities for sustainable growth:
Implementing the sustainable development strategy

The Company’s sustainable development goals are determined by the nature and scale of its core business, the challenges of the current market situation, and industry development issues.

The Company implemented its sustainable development strategy in 2014 in accordance with its mid-term goals for 2014–2016, as defined in the long-term strategy. The reporting year saw the fulfillment of major projects started in previous years which ensure long-term development in all the Company's business areas. The implementation of environmental and social programmes continued. The results for this period are shown in detail in the relevant sections of this Report.